Friday, November 22, 2013

Olivia's Birthday - Fruglicity Style

We LOVE to celebrate birthdays at our house.  

We plan, brainstorm and come up with Fruglicity ideas.

BUT, they are truly  SIMPLE  events.

This year we traveled to my mom's so Olivia could have a get together with her friends there.

On that street, filled with WONDERFUL families who also appreciate simplicity, if you say *no presents please, they will adhere to and fully respect your request. 

 THEY WILL, however, 
all show up with the cutest homemade cards ever. 

LOVE the no gifts and thoughts behind lovely homemade cards. 

Simply delightful.

I spent a totaly of $17 for her party.  

Party-favors? Pipecleaner rings Olivia carefully made for each of her guests: $1

Salty store-bought chex mix 

And as-requested by the birthday girl, homemade sweet chex mix. 

Cups, plates and table cloth $1 each

Activity?  Good, old-fashioned turkey's from hand-tracings.

And then playtime.

So fun to actually SIT AND ENJOY our company instead of running crazy, trying to pull off an over-the-top party.

And for our family celebration,  Olivia requested potato soup (a frugal, family, favorite) and "Fancy Hot Chocolate"  instead of a pricey cake.  LOVE HER.  

Recipe for "Olivia's Fancy Hot Chocolate":

Vanilla Almond Milk
Homemade Chocolate Syrup
Homemade Caramel Syrup
Whipped Cream
Cookie stix
Candy Canes


In the end, to me, it is about celebrating the life of this BLESSING FROM HEAVEN.  

Not breaking the bank, with stressful shin digs. 

Every family is different, no judging here, but my goal as a momma is to thoroughly enjoy my child on their special day, make them feel special and stay well with-in our budget.  

Done, Done and Done!