Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Time Favorite

If it is summer (or winter for that matter)

and we are not outside, climbing trees, playing with friends or enjoying a popsicle,

odds are, you can find us in the library.

LOVE that the kids are JUST as excited (maybe not quite, but pretty excited) to make our ever-so-frequent trips to the library. 

 We have found books on JUST about anything and enjoy the hunt for the pefect Summer Reading Program finds.  

Did I mention its like shopping for free???  :)

Love me a library.  



Hugs and happy reading!

Springhill Camp!

This was our first time attending Springhill Camp.  It was AMAZING!  A long-day for our homeschoolers, but each made special friends, did lots of fun activities and learned so much about themselves and our God.   We are already counting the days until next year!

Logan received an award for his gift of "Creativity"/  His friend Nathan did as well, turns out they were fast friends and had lots of fun the whole week.

Olivia really like Miss Leah, who presented her with an award for her "Joyfulness".  I couldn't agree more.  I love the joy she has!

Until next year - Hugs and happy camping!