Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday thoughts from a Thursday (Facebook status)

Thursday Thoughts:

1. Olivia while playing with my hair: "MOMMA! you have so many white hairs under here!" - Yes I do, thank you Olivia.

2 Logan: "I thought I only liked to read books about Legos! Turns out I like other books too" - {FINALLY! ha}

3. A freshly made bed at our house = a perfect wrestling mat for the kids. {sigh}

4. Olivia caught a butterfly the other day. As she was letting it go she was trying to reassure Logan that it was in fact the right thing to do, while he sobbed and sobbed. Real tears. Poor thing just wants a pet so bad! (his mean mom won't let him have one)

5. Sun tea is my favorite!

6. A tiny bit obsessed with the 1000 piece puzzle Aunt Lisa gave us  

7. My family is very efficient. We can dirty an insane amount of dishes in about 30 seconds flat. (you know I hate to brag...)

Hugs and happy Thursday!

Logan is 7!!!!

Love that he will stop to give momma a big hug even 

when he is busy at his day job, being a jedi.  

We love you Logan!