Friday, August 31, 2012

A litte of our summer

Love this of Olivia and Tommy :)
This little guy melts my heart.  Every time.

This is our annual picture of Tommy and the kids on top of Tower Hill at the Warren Dunes in Michigan.  They look so different each year.  LOVE these three!!!

Now that we live ALOT closer to Lake Michigan, we go ALOT.  Sometimes we run over after dinner and spend the evening.  Sometimes we go early, like 9 am early and spend time throwing rocks and building sand castles.  LOVE that the kids love the lake as much as they love the ocean.  Closer and LOTS cheaper :)

Olivia and her K12 virtual teacher, Mrs. Moore.  LOVE HER!  Olivia gets to hear her voice often during class connect session.  Hopefully we will see her a few times this year.  I love the way they keep close tabs on their students.

Logan and Mrs. Baker.  She is WONDERFUL!   Logan also gets to hear her voice often as he listens and participates in her class connect sessions.

Can't believe summer is almost over.  We had a great summer, staying close to our new home.  School started 4 weeks ago for K12 so we are in full-swing.  Hugs and happy school year!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting ready for school

Free bookshelf

Plus free paint (from paint left by the previous owner)

plus help from the kids

Turns this (K12 supplies)

Into this!  organized school supplies = happy momma :)

Hugs and happy start of the school year!