Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Olivia's Name








I LOVE holding my kids.

Does a 5 foot 1/2 inch momma look silly carrying her kids who are almost as tall she is?  Probably.  

Soon (very soon) they will be too big to carry.

Holding them a lot lately.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Color, Picnics, Saving Money and the Earth

Ask and you shall receive...

We have a steep, narrow staircase leading to the second story of our old home.  It is quaint and functional, true to the time-period it was built.  
I saw a picture in a magazine one day of a stripe that was painted up the stairs to give a little color.  I mentioned it to Tommy and 2 weeks later I had a stripe up the stairs (love him.)  and then he added a warm color on the walls and I love it!  

Our favorite family picnic spot is on top of the bluff in South Haven.

The amazing view of God's creation, coupled with a homemade, picnic lunch and my three blessings from heaven, provides a wonderful afternoon.  .

And then a quick visit to the playground.

BIG playground = Happy KIDS!!  :)

I must note that right after taking this picture, Tommy laid the camera in my lap. I was on the phone and therefore distracted.  I stood up and SMASH the camera (NOT expensive to begin with, but an important tool we use to document our lives) fell to the floor.  Ugh.  

Not to worry.  When we got home I got onto Amazon.com and found a USED camera, almost EXACTLY like the one we had for $40.  Sold.

My new motto - when AT ALL POSSIBLE, buy used!

Buying used: Saves money and resources.
Saving money and resources =  Happy pocketbook and happy earth :)