Friday, July 20, 2012

Costco Deal!

On a recent trip to Costco we found this nice-size world map together with a U.S. map for $14.95!  My mom treated us to this great find and we will use it DAILY for homeschooling the kids. (Our last world map didn't quite make the move, it was wel-used and worn) 

Although this may not be considered "art" it has quickly become our favorite wall.  As we talk about the places we would like to research and one day visit. 

Just this morning Logan was busy plotting a road trip to Ethiopia (not sure you can do it, but he tried :)

Hugs and happy learning!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cafe Stacey = Money in our pocket :)

I would have to say that for our family, one of our BIGGEST budget busters is eating out. 

I love to eat out.  Could be part of the reason its a budget buster. :)

Before kids, Tommy and I ate out like it was our job.

So after analyzing and re-analyzing our budget I have to say that the temptation to eat out is a potentially big budget-buster for us.

Some days, I am energized and perfectly content to fix an entire meal (along with dirtying an AMAZING amount of dishes in the process).  But other days I just want the ease of eating out.


When I'm tempted to go out, I figure up the cost of a meal at home so I can see how much we SAVE by eating in.

Today I made a pot of chili (yes I realize it is summer, but we love chili :)  ) and I totaled up the cost of ingredients to be $7.61.  (plus a little for sour cream and cheese). 

We typically eat 3 full meals from a pot of chili.  (just Tommy and I, picky kids.)  

At our favorite sandwich place we would spend about $6 each.

A chili meal at home would be approx $1.27 each

To recap:

Chili at home for 3 meals (for 2 adults) = $7.61
Eating out for 3 meals (for 2 adults) = $36.00

Savings of $28.39.

Yep. its worth it.

If you did something similar and opted to eat in 3 meals a month instead of going out (for 2 adults) you would save $340.68.  And that is just a "lunchy-type"  place.

Could be a total time-waster for others but doing the math really helps me.

Hugs and happy saving!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Exploring Notre Dame

This guy lost is 2 front teeth!  Momma LOVES the grin!

One of our very favorite places to walk (almost DAILY) and explore is Notre Dame.   

Growing up my grandma lived just a few blocks from ND, so we often enjoyed walking all over campus. I have always loved the history and the beauty. Its so fun to now take my own kids to enjoy it now.

The kids love to look inside the Basilica.  BEAUTIFUL.  A great opportunity to talk about the traditions of different religions.

We dog-sit Gracie (Aunt Nancy's Dog) often and love to take her walking there. :)

Love having such a fun place to take the kids to play.  So many sidewalks and hidden staircases to explore.  And don't even get me started on the Notre Dame Bookstore, they think its the BEST PLACE ON EARTH! ha! 

Hugs and Happy Exploring!